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Full Services


Commercial/Residential Services

Mowing, Weeding, Edging, Blow Clean up

Leave Collection and Debris Clean up

Tree/Bush Trimming

Mulch beds and Rock Beds

Flower, Bush, Tree Install

Fertilizer, Weed, Ant Treatment

Field / Brush Mowing

Hunting Lease Trail Cutting

Property Tractor Work

Livestock and Animal Care Services

This is a unique and highly in-demand service that Country Land Care provides. We are the only business in the area to provide this service. We have many years of experience with many different animals. We can set up services for daily, weekly, or monthly help as well as vacation help. If you go our of town or are setup for daily services we provide end of day updates. We will take care of your animals from feeding to water, spending time with your animals or walking. In addition to this if you are on vacation we will do a security check and take up mail or newspaper.

We assist you in the care for your animals whether it be the need for cleaning, feeding, care, vaccines admin assistance, blood collection, basic emergency care, Vacation Care and more. We can also be available as your 24 hours contact to recover lost or escaped animals. 

Cattle, Goats, Horses,

Chickens, Ducks, Alpacas, 

Dogs, Cats, Pigs. 

Many other animals as well. 

Here are some Pictures of Services we have done.

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